They are so intuitive, you don’t have to be a designer or know how to code to create your landing pages fast.

Have you taken hours to create one landing page to see yourself changing the designs again and again?

That’s what I used to do, even if I am a seasoned web and graphic designer because too many ideas in my head make me want to try them all. This takes way too much time.

The most versatile and low-budget way of creating a landing page is to use WordPress page builders like Divi or Elementor. This method requires more technical processes like:

  1. getting a web host or server
  2. domain name
  3. installing WordPress
  4. install plugins

I use this process and find that this gives me the most control and customisation over what I want to do with my web pages. However, this method also gives me more options, leading to analysis paralysis because I usually find myself dabbling more with colours, fonts, margins and paddings, rather than quickly putting it out there to promote it.

In retrospect, that was fun and I enjoyed the process, but not if my priority is to save time to validate or test a business idea and to make more sales.

In the early days, when prospective clients asked me to customize a landing page for their new businesses, I would always jump on the opportunity in the hopes of earning more money. At that time my rates were between $800 to $2888 and time taken to complete a landing page usually took about two weeks.

Over the years, I realised two weeks is a long time. If they could create their landing page in a few days at most, they are able to bring in their first income much sooner without losing one week plus of sales.

That said, most new business owners aren’t willing to spend $800 on a landing page when their business isn’t well-validated. Even some seasoned business owners aren’t willing to spend $37 per month on LeadPages (a popular landing page builder).

Hence I started to go on a search to see if there are any landing page builders that can help anyone with high performing and professionally designed landing pages.

Here are the landing page generators you can use right away, no coding required:


This allows you to capture emails at no cost, unlike many other landing page builders. For now, it integrates with MailChimp, InfusionSoft and ConvertKit only.


Lovely and simple interface. Upgrade to pro to include opt-in forms.


The given templates are not many. Though a lot of customisations can be done here.


This builder generates not just a landing page, but also your whole website.

Unicorn Platform

Landing page generator for startups.


A quick and easy way to get your content in. Not much customization features though but that helps you to publish sooner.


Wix can help you build more than just a landing page. You can use it for a wedding, an event or build your business website with it. It has an in-built email marketing platform as well for you to capture emails and generate leads for free.

Ready to Start?

Landing pages carry a single purpose, be it to help you build your leads, sell a product or service or it could be to get people to find you.

Ultimately, time is of the essence, and creating your landing page should be as streamlined as possible without you having to learn a whole set of new skills that may take months before you are ready.

Any of the above generators will help kickstart your business in minutes.

What are you waiting for?