Infographic – How to Find Your Brand Voice in 5 Steps

When building your brand, you get advise from many people to develop your own style, your own voice or identify how you should be talking in a consistent manner.

It’s easy to say, but how do you find your own brand voice? Where should you start?

The mistake I made 4 years ago was starting too late because I thought I needed to find my own voice before starting.

If you are in this place of building your brand, just get started from anywhere even if you feel weird about how you talk. You may feel like a fake or imposter, doesn’t matter.

What’s most important is to keep yourself moving.

Meanwhile, as you put in some momentum into your business, study this infographic to put your search of your own brand voice to action:

One more thing about brand voice, is that you will always be evolving, so will your business, your customers and hence, your brand.

As I’ve learned from the past 4 years, my brand voice depends a lot on who I’m speaking with and who I would like to work with. For example, if I enjoy working with female business coaches, I will naturally speak in a way such that they will connect well with me.

You may wish to “fake it till you make it”, but I would say, there’s no need to even fake at all! 🙂