How to grow your brand as a coach

Your brand is how you are perceived by the world. The pain comes when there are so many great brands that we fall in love with, we tend to want to copy or follow those brands out there. That makes it hard for us to create a genuine brand for ourselves. It’s a good start to look up to other coaches and have a tendency to mimic their styles, the designs they have on their websites or how they position themselves. But there are deep motivations behind why they are branded as such which are more important for us to analyse other than how they look on the surface. I’ve been a coach for a sports team for five years and working with athletes has been the most fulfilling part of my life. And recently, I’ve been working with a number of coaches to build their brands, some from scratch and some to rebrand. Through this experience, I come to understand very well that to build your brand as a coach comes from what you say, what you do and how you do all that consistently. This also means that you not only have to look professional but you also have to be cohesive in what you say on Facebook as well as on your blog. All your messages have to match visually and how they are put out in public. There’s no need to be perfect so long as your messages are in synch with one another. Here are 3 critical steps you have to take to start growing your coaching business:

1. Be more of a giver and less of a taker

Always remind yourself that even when you are paid to coach someone, it’s about helping them overcome a certain obstacle and that you are doing it out of exchange, not out of ripping them off to earn as much as you can. This mindset steers you to the right direction of being as authentic you possibly can and that makes you work the same way with anyone you come in contact with. There’s no double standard, no difference in your words, and that is YOU and that’s your BRAND.

2. Have clear understanding of who you are serving

This can be a huge challenge if you’re just starting out as you can serve anyone from anywhere. But you have to push past this pain to decide on who you’d like to serve in the long term as this decision will lead to what you will say in your blog, your videos, your one-to-one coaching calls, and that will eventually build up to to become a brand that people associate with.

3. Build your reputation as an expert

Once you’ve a clear understanding of who you are serving, that’s when you know what you can be seen to be great at. It’s not something that you are not good at and want to be good at. It has to be genuinely something that you have in depth knowledge about, such that when someone poses a question based on this topic out of the blue, you are able to answer that without having to Google it. The next best step is to keep at it and hone your skills around this topic These 3 steps are critical not just at the beginning of your career as a coach. I’ve seen successful and experienced coaches always reminding themselves of these 3 points all the time. This is because things are always evolving and people you help will also change. Constantly reminding yourself with these will not only help you find your voice sooner, they will also keep your messages cohesive which leads to the kind of clients you want to work with coming your way!