Our Story

In 2015, MeetAnders was founded on a mission to help you
build your own design team you can rely on every day.
You run your business, we #DesignYourStory⛰️
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We are a team of graphic designers who help business coaches, content creators and small business owners save time to grow faster and impact the lives of others by delivering world class graphic designs that convert.

We understand the pain of hiring a freelance designer who may seem to have the skills at the start, but once pressure at work builds up, the designer either disappears or deliver only sub standard work. In the end, you had to do it all yourself.

This was also what we have experienced while growing our graphic design startup.

Since one of our top values is to service our customers as best as we can, we made training of our designers one of the top priorities each day.

As Jack Ma says:

Don’t hire the best people, hire the right ones and train them well.

We came up with a process to train our designers such that they are ready to take on your projects and deliver them on time and with world class quality.

Our goal is to provide a graphic design service as close as possible to what an in-house designer can provide you with.

Having a marketing collateral designed by a professional is one of the major things that  makes a brand standout and stay coherent across all medium.

There are millions or even billions of graphic designers you may engage to be a freelance designer for you, but without having the right systems for hiring the designer and providing the right tools and resources, you find that your designer struggles to deliver the designs that work for your marketing needs.

So, we built a business that hire and train graphic designers with the best systems we can find to work with you and keep the prices affordable. Coaches who work with us are freeing up more time from having to micromanage their designers, or redesigning the work themselves and scaling at a faster and easier rate.

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A bit about us:

MeetAnders is an ongoing graphic design solution based in a very sunny-island, Singapore. Founded by Marilyn Wo and Anders Lau, MeetAnders is fully remote and is working to impact more than 1 billion lives all over the world.

We believe that anything can be done in this world as long as we stay humble, hustle hard and help as many people as we can.

If you love to make things, break things and get creative, we will work very well together to help you build your brand you can be proud of, that serves a purpose and give you the freedom to live life to the fullest.

We started as graphic design freelancers since 2005 and have grown to provide brand strategy services to awesome small digital business owners over the past couple of years.

If you’re a go-getter and someone looking to make a huge impact in this world, let’s work together!