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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we have to sign a contract?
None at all. No contacts, no lockdown periods, just one price for one month, cancel anytime!
Do you design company logos?
We are great with supporting what you already have. If you already have an existing brand and company logo and need to refresh the logo, vectorise it or make adjustments to it, we are very happy to help. This service does not include creating original logos.
What do you mean by “original logos”?
Original logos would mean a totally new unique corporate identity of a company's branding. Say if you are starting a new company or need a change of your company's logo from scratch, those are considered original logos. Our service doesn't come with branding or company logo because branding and logo creation that comes from scratch requires proper research of the company, your competitors and your customers. It includes in-depth discovery of your company and your vision as the founder, plus the history and your long term goals. We know of highly talented professionals who are experts in this area and we are very happy to recommend some of them if you need help in this area. Here are some of our go-to places:
If these don't work, our advise is to hire a freelance designer to work on your logo based on their familiarity of your field rather than just price along.
I have a few businesses under one company name, may I use this service for all these businesses under one name?
We are very happy to work with your umbrella of businesses. The more the merrier, as we pride ourselves with helping as many people as possible. That said, we work very well with only one point of contact, or one email address per account. If you are in a situation where you have more than one personnel we need to communicate with to get things done, you may purchase additional users at the same rate you signed up with. This is to ensure we engage the right number of professionals to serve your needs with quality and speed.
What are your urgent fees and revision fees?
For the past 10 years that we've been serving our customers, we've never imposed urgent and revision fees. And we never will. We've always worked on your projects until you are happy with the outcome. This pricing plan is no different, except that you just have to pay once for a month without worrying if working on the next marketing or design project will affect your budget for the month. This makes it so affordable for you. At the same time, you can now easily plan your budget and quickly get your project done as soon as possible.
What programs and format do you provide us with?
We work with just about anything under the Adobe Creative Cloud. Here are the most commonly used programs that accomplish what most of our customers need:
  1. Illustrator (.AI format)
  2. Indesign (.INDD format)
  3. Photoshop (.PSD, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG formats)
We will normally show you the artwork in PDF format as it is lightweight and commonly used.
Does this service include copywriting?
As we work on design and layout projects, we tend to make minor edits based on what we know at face value. Certain phrases or one line sentences can be hard for us to ignore. We do help with that. We have been doing one page advertisements, and we come up with simple headlines or tag lines too. These are really minor copywriting that only take up at most a few lines. That said, this service does not include full copywriting service since copywriting is a separate process. When it comes to full copywriting including creating content for a brochure from scratch, that would require more research and editing, much like creating a logo from scratch. Hence this is not covered in this service.
What does “on-demand” graphic designer mean?
Think Uber, NetFlix or TaskRabbit for graphic design. You engage us, we actually show up and deliver. We never disappear! You tell us what you need and we get it done for you as fast as within a day depending on complexity of the project. Some customers come to us for little edits on their images, like a text change or image change. These generally take within 30 minutes and you are off to the races.
How does this package work?
This is a flat-rate email driven graphic design service that we provide. Getting started is really easy:
  1. Make payment of USD$347 or SGD$570
  2. You’ll get on-boarded, then…
  3. Email in your request
  4. Receive your files
  5. Need a revision? Just email us back with any changes.
That’s it!
What can I design with Anders?
A good place to start is ask yourself: Can I reasonably show or explain what I need in an email? If so, we’ll be in good shape.
What does monthly graphic work mean?
You can email us with as many graphic requirement as you want. We’ll work through your requirements as fast as possible. You only pay one price no matter how much you use us within one month. No more hourly billing. No more quotes and no more billing surprises.
How fast will I get my design requests done?
Your designer will work as fast as he or she can handle based on priority of all your requirements you sent in. Simple jobs get completed faster than complex ones. You’ll need time for revisions and edits. What you get back each round depends on your unique requests. We encourage you to send in jobs in order of priority. Your assigned designer will work on them one by one to ensure top quality results.
I'm in a hurry, would you be able to get it done much sooner?
We get to work once you make payment and get it done as soon as we can. To ensure quality and consistency we have to follow our system and process!
What does a design requirement mean? What can you help me with?
We are built to handle the graphic design needs of small businesses. Have you got what materials ready to be put together? Do you know what you want out of the graphic design outcome? If so, we’ll be in good shape! Clients who are clear in what they want and/or have a well-defined brand tend to get the most value from our service. Are you brandless and disorganized? No problem Just be patient with our team as we get started. At this moment we are a growing business and working to expand our skills. As of now, we do not support the following requests:
  • Original logos or branding
  • Video / motion graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Heavy photo manipulation
  • 3D / CAD
  • HTML / CSS / UI / UX / web, mobile or app design
  • Programming/coding
Can I share my account with others?
Each account (aka user) is limited to one email address. You may purchase additional users at the same rate you signed up with. People sharing accounts or using clever workarounds will be asked to leave Anders!
Can you clarify what does it mean by "Share my account"?
One account also means one point of contact. He or she may be a marketer who has to accomplish a lot of graphic design related work in a day, we are very happy to help him or her to complete them. However, there are instances where within one company there are two to three marketers working on different or same projects at one time. In this case, each of this marketers would need to sign up as one user with one email address, even though they are representing the same company. Sharing account in this example would also mean one marketer is making all the requests on behalf of the other two marketers. We want to ensure quality work is done for all our clients and hence do not appreciate such workaround. We hope you understand.
How many brands can I use in one account?
As many as you want 🙂

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