Use Graphics to Build Your Brand

See how Lydia Lee, a corporate escape coach of Screw The Cubicle, works with MeetAnders to assist her in building her brand through intentional graphic design and help corporate prisoners start and build their own purposeful businesses.

Use Graphics to Build Your Brand

See how Lydia Lee, a corporate escape coach of Screw The Cubicle, works with MeetAnders to assist her in building her brand through intentional graphic design and help corporate prisoners start and build their own purposeful businesses.
We’re taking you through Lydia’s experience in brand marketing and how you can work with MeetAnders to engage your audience, convert them to paying customers while building your own brand.
Story by Marilyn Wo, Co-Founder of MeetAnders | 9 October 2018

How It All Began

It was 2016. we have been operating for a year, but I was ready to take it to the next level. I heard of Lydia’s gifts through a mutual friend, and luckily for me she happened to be conducting a group coaching session in Singapore. I snagged the opportunity to attend that session and request one-on-one coaching. And so, our journey together began.
“Marilyn was a coaching client of mine, and I love what she does, so we hired her!” LYDIA LEE from
Shortly after Lydia and I started working together 1:1, I learned she was in process of launching her next series of coaching worksheets and needed assistance refreshing them. I jumped at the opportunity to work with her on this endeavor.
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The Problem

Canva Is Free But The DIY Way Takes Away Time That Can’t Be Earned Back

Screw the Cubicle rebrand and redesign

Lydia mentioned that she’s happy using Canva. But even with such an easy tool, knowing where to place her images and text to make the whole artwork the way she wanted was a big issue for her.  Realising she was spending way too much time meddling with Canva on her own, she commissioned me to help her redesign her worksheets.
“We usually use Canva and though that tool is easier, trying to come up with the right designs, and also branded is a ball ache. We were trying to move it from a DIY look to a more professional, polished, and branded look since our rebrand.” LYDIA LEE from

The Solution

Outsource to A Design Team Who Commits to the Brand

Lydia thought of a brilliant idea: to create a set of templates such that she is able to reuse them over again with different content. Setting this up for her is in our priority because we understand the value of saving time and the importance of keeping every marketing material consistent visually. This helps her build her brand assets and allow more people to have deeper impression of her and what she does for the community. 
We weren’t working with anyone consistently, hence why we found the monthly package really good with Marilyn.  When we have a designer and team committed to our brand and know what to expect every month, our workflow feels easier and communication is easier. LYDIA LEE from
What works for Lydia and Screw The Cubicle team is that, since they have monthly marketing campaigns scheduled, they just have to tell their personal designer from our team one time to design their assets each month and leave that to us! This helps them to release time to focus on other important items, ones they ENJOY doing.
I find that other designers are also good, but there is something to be said about having Marilyn as a TEAM member – this builds trust, consistency, and reliability to our needs. At the stage of our business, it’s super important for STC to build a team so we are grateful for Marilyn being a part of it.  Plus she knows our brand so well.” LYDIA LEE from

Why MeetAnders?

Experience with Other Designers

Lydia has worked with several designers in the past. Here are some of the obstacles she faced (from her perspective) and how MeetAnders removed them for her:
Using a multitude of designers resulted in the necessity to provide an overview and instructions to each new designer or having to brief them over and over again. With MeetAnders, we worked with one team who is intimately aware of our brand month by month, eliminating the chore of repeating instructions each time. 
Explaining our artistic vision and having that translate into our branding graphics was difficult. Not all designers listen so well as Marilyn and translate needs so effectively – plus she is such a joy to work with – no ego, collaborative, and so easygoing that it makes things so easy
It wasn’t always easy for us to receive timely responses to our design requests. How fast Marilyn replies is also a bonus – we know how important it is to keep the ball rolling in our business and this communicative process is what helps to differentiate
Having worked with thousands of graphic design requests over more than ten years, I realised many people are not looking for just highly talented designers. Rather they appreciate if their designers ask them relevant questions that serve a purpose to the design work.  Hence, it’s important for graphic designers not just to know their craft, but also to be responsive and ask the right questions. This combination always leads to great results for our customers.
“I love Marilyn as the point of contact and hopes whoever she hires as an acct manager will have the same easygoing nature and friendly nature she has – makes a diff!  Also she’s reliable and FAST!” LYDIA LEE from
With full reliance that our team is able to do the job on a daily basis and respond within a day, there’s less stress on Lydia to guess when her request for her design will be done or not. On top of that, many hours are saved per month because now rather than haggling with a designer over the price of designing a graphic, Lydia is quickly beefing up her brand assets to engage her audience and convert them to paying customers much faster.  

Various opt-in forms designed for content upgrades within blog posts.

Leveraging Ongoing Graphics in Marketing is Powerful

You may have a niche, specific target audience, and a kick ass logo – but if you want to grow your brand and increase visibility, these things alone will only take you so far without intentional graphic design. You may also have great content, a beautiful website, and sophisticated sales funnels. But again, these things, without consistent and visually appealing graphics for your brand, will simply will not be enough to grow your brand to its full vibrancy and potential.
At this stage, not only do you want your audience to see what you are sharing, you also want them to get in touch with you and learn more from you. If you want such results, these are a few of the most important questions to ask yourself:
How consistent you are putting your message out there?
How impactful your content or message is visually so that people will give a second look?
How visually consistent are your content across all medium?
How’s the response? Did your target audience engage with you via your message?
“STC  is such a vibrant brand, that it totally enhances the brand recognition to have CONSISTENT brand artistry in our social channels and website.  I didn’t think about how important this is before when I was a startup. Audiences scroll so often and miss things on social or websites all the time, so the graphics help to really makes things attractive/inviting, and gives us brand recognition when people see it again and again.” LYDIA LEE from

Picture this:

You have a library of professionally well-designed graphics, ready to post on Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis. What’s even better, as these graphics are being used, new ones are created regularly in this library and you can use them as and when you want to! It’s as if your graphics are being produced automatically based on as many requests as you can ask for! With an arsenal of visually attractive content ready to be posted every few hours, you are sure that your audience will “be in contact” with your brand so often that they can’t ignore you.
It’s SO NICE to have one team for all graphics.  It creates the consistency of our process and SOP as well when we do our marketing activities.  Having trust in the MeetAnders team to produce each month saves us time and headache to organize this.  Plus all our materials are so well branded consistently. LYDIA LEE from

Key Takeaways on How to Engage Your Audience

Post frequently to increase customer engagement

In her own business, Lydia is always looking for the best ways to help more people by presenting her content in a more appealing way. This is not to just make things look good, but most importantly, to trigger her audience to pick up her message, take action and achieve the results they want. These are some of the key takeaways from her:
Consistency is KEY to grow your audience for your brand.
Frequency of posts should be determined based on what you can promise.  If it’s one per week or even once per month, this is OK, as long as you’re consistent and your audience knows what to expect in terms of communication from you.
Being REAL and authentic is also important.  The only way to stand out from people that do what you do (and there will be many) is to show off your personality, opinions, and perspectives as often as possible.
Stop giving cookie cutter answers – share your story, get on your soapbox for a rant, and show your vulnerability. This is what helps to attract the right people who LOVE what you do and HOW you do it.
Start with ONE platform first that shows off your ideal way of communication to start.  Master that, and get consistent with that first before adding all the things to your repertoire.  
Figure out your schedule and routine with one platform first so that you can use what you’ve learned to start your visibility in another one.
Our FB page and social channels look more concise, and I’m more proud to promote our blogs when we have such cool graphics (vs. my makeshift DIY crap I did before) :)” LYDIA LEE from
Well, of course Lydia has an eye for design, and she can create cool graphics too! She figured out early enough that it’s better to leave the graphic work to professional designers who are trained to do so.

Bonus Tip: Want to Learn More?

Check out this conversation between Lydia and her Marketing Manager, Heather Pollock about building engaging communities
Gone are the days when she had to DIY these graphics. As the founder, her time is too valuable for creating graphics. Now she makes full use of her time creating great content, selling her coaching programs and building valuable relationships with other kickass founders.
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