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Personal Design Team
SGD$ 738 Monthly
  • One Junior Designer
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited designs
  • Free stock photos
  • Simple illustrations
  • Design with Adobe
  • Design with Canva
  • Native source files
  • Regular email support
  • Same day delivery
  • Urgent turnaround
  • Real-time chat


Personal Senior Design Team
SGD$ 1688 Monthly
  • One Senior Designer
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited designs
  • Free stock photos
  • Simple illustrations
  • Design with Adobe
  • Design with Canva
  • Native source files
  • Regular email support
  • Same day delivery
  • Urgent turnaround
  • Real-time chat

Questions? Get them answered now.

You will have an assigned designer and a senior to oversee the quality and correspond with you. They are not necessarily fixed because in the event they take leave due to medical or personal reasons, we have a process where another team will take over so that your design work and your business runs as usual without any hiccups.

That’s a huge advantage of our service over you having to use a freelancer.

For the portfolio, yes you may check out all the work done by us via All our designers undergo our training to be able to churn out similar designs you see in that page. 

When all first-time customers come to us, as the co-founder and project coordinator, I will find out more about each customer and the objectives of the business. Having understood the business, I will assign an appropriate designer to the customer. 

You will have a chance to work with your assigned designer and I will do the quality checks to ensure all goes well in the direction you are heading. Meanwhile, you are free to feedback and comment on how well the work is serving your needs.

In the event you prefer to change a designer due to any reason, feel free to let us know and we are happy to reassign.

For sure! 🙂 We understand that the longer you work with a designer, the better the relationship and you’ll find more success in the work together 🙂

Our office hours are between 9am to 6pm Singapore/Philippines time Mondays to Fridays.

Understand it’s best for you to speak with the person who’s working on the design directly.

Currently, our process works this way: 
You will be communicating directly to a Project Coordinator.

With your requests, your Project Coordinator will work on the big picture of your design needs, the planning and conceptualising based on your end goal.

Next, your Project Coordinator will pass on these plans and sketches to a technical designer who will be physically doing the technical design work based on his or her concepts.

Your Project Coordinator will do the quality checks on the designs that your technical designer has come up with, we will have our internal back and forth and eventually deliver that to you for your review.

You may be afraid of miscommunication or misinterpretation and I do agree there are times when this can happen.

How we usually reduce this is with relevant questions that Project Coordinator will ask you first before assigning the task to the technical designer.

Why are we having two layers of designers?
Based on our experience, our designers work best when they apply their best talents on the most part of the day and when they do most of what they love to do.

We are very happy to quickly respond to our customer’s needs and to make sure that we are on the same page as much as possible. 

However, when a designer has to do the technical design work and have to put their work aside to attend to another request or email, it breaks up his or her thought process and that affects the designer’s energy at work. That in turn affects the speed and quality of work to be delivered to you.

With a Project Coordinator taking charge of the communication, he or she can be fully focussed on providing World Class customer service to you, with better clarity of mind to ask you the right questions and the technical designer will also be fully focused on just creating great work for you.

In this way, communication is in fact quicker than if you were to communicate directly to the designer working on the design piece.

If you have many jobs at the same time and your timeline does not need them to be done all at the same time, one designer should be able to cover your needs.

Hence, if you have many jobs for us to design and you need more of them to be done at the same time, yes, we encourage you to sign up for another $688 for that month to ensure you meet your schedule on time.

We do have customers who signed up for one designer and had work lined up for six months. They tried us for a month and realised they need us to produce all designs in half the time that we’ve been taking. Hence they decided to sign up for three designers so that 3 of their design work can be done at one time to be delivered quicker than before.

Here’s an example:
With one designer starting 1st Dec – 
Task 1 – Design one standup banner – 3 days (delivery – 3rd Dec)
Task 2 – Design one website banner – 1 day (delivery – 4th Dec)
Task 3 – Revise standup banner – 1 day (delivery- 5th Dec)
Task 4 – Design Stage banner – 3 days (delivery – 10th Dec – assuming 6th and 7th are weekends)
Task 5 – Revise Stage banner – 2 days (delivery – 12th Dec)
Task 6 – Design Lanyard – 2 days (delivery – 14th Dec)
Task 7 – Design Programme sheet – 1 day (delivery – 15th Dec)
And so on…

One designer has about 7 tasks done in 2 weeks, hence an estimate of 14 tasks done in one month.

With two designers starting 1st Dec – 
Designer 1
Task 1 – Design one standup banner – 3 days (delivery – 3rd Dec)
Task 2 – Design one website banner – 1 day (delivery – 4th Dec)
Task 3 – Revise standup banner – 1 day (5th Dec)

Designer 2
Task 4 – Design Stage banner – 3 days (delivery – 3rd Dec)
Task 5 – Revise Stage banner – 2 days (5th Dec)
Task 6 – Design Lanyard – 2 days (9th Dec – assuming 6th and 7th are weekends)
Task 7 – Design Programme sheet – 1 day (10th Dec)
And so on…

With two designers, all 7 tasks can be done within 1 and a half weeks, much faster than with only one designer.

No worries with this, feel free to let us know the changes required for Job A anytime and the we will make the changes accordingly, no extra charge. This is the purpose of the service. We understand when it comes to marketing collaterals, you and your team may need to make ongoing changes, testing of the copy, etc. Feel free to let us know what to change.

If you sign up for one designer, you simply have to let us know which one should come first, make changes to Job A first or work on Job B first. The priority list is key here, since one designer can only work on one task at a time.

If you sign up for two designers, designer A can work on changes for Job A and designer B can carry on with Job B, both at the same time or concurrently. We have a system on who will work on which job first, hence you can hands-off on delegating and work on what’s important to you.

You are free to make as many changes you like without any extra cost. 
For the number of changes made at one time, it will depend on the number of designers you have signed up for.

One designer will work on one change at one time 🙂

Currently, communication is only done via email in the Standard Plan, and email and real-time chat via Slack in the Pro Plan.

We understand that somethings are easier to be explained in one call.

We love making things much easier for you. Most of all, we want to deliver your work as accurate as possible based on your requests.

We used to accept calls to take on requests and changes, however, there are times when the calls are unclear due to reception or there’s no way for us to make a record of your requests especially when using landlines.

These resulted in inaccuracies in our delivery. In order to reduce your frustrations and save time and to make sure all requests are communicated in the most accurate way possible, we find that written requests are the best so far.

On top of this, we are able to offer our service with unlimited requests and changes at this great affordable price.

Including a call to the designer will have to include more fees which we do not wish to incur on you, our customers.

Hence we have not included calling as part of this service as of this point in time.

In place of calls, you may wish to do screen recordings at your own time using free tools like Loom or Vimeo screen recorders. 

Yes, so far, our team only work with stock or your own images.

As of now, we do not include complex illustrations or gif.
Simple vector illustrations are possible.
They look similar to this:

All stock images that we select for you from our library are free for you to use, and they are commercially-free to use as well.

If you do have something specific from a stock image website that has to be purchased, we will do a match to see if we have that in our library too. If we happen to have, we will be able to provide it, otherwise, we will have to trouble you to purchase that image and send it to us to use in your designs.

Yes, that’s correct. So long all designs only requires simple graphics, not complex 3D rendering, complex illustrations or video creation, you are well-covered at SG$738 per month.

In this case, time required will come into play. For example a 2 page brochure will be complete sooner than 100 page book and so on.

We work on all designs as fast as we can, though we don’t guarantee on time taken per design. A general guide of turnaround is about 1 to 3 days.

We have delivered designs within a day as well. Hence I would say is possible, although 2 hours timeline is not something we promise for all designs because it depends a lot on the requirement of the banner, example the content that’s been supplied need to be reduced to fit, or the required stock image or fonts may need more time to be searched for, etc.

With regards to a contract, we do not have that. We do have a set of terms and conditions you may have a look here: