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Lydia Lee calls herself a freedom instigator. A coach by profession, if she’s not helping jaded working professionals escape the rat race, she’s mentoring anyone who’s willing to break out of their comfort zones to do what they do best in life.

She came to us in end 2016 with a plan to do a business retreat for a very limited space of only 10 enthusiastic souls. She called it “Your Next Big Thing”.

We eventually designed a landing page for her from scratch, starting with the conceptualisation of her mood board, working closely with her to create a message that communicates her personality that her audience already loves. We then provided her options of a one page design mockup and subsequently the working website using WordPress till it was fully complete and live.



All icons are personally customised, hand-drawn to represent the brand image of Screw the Cubicle.

Here’s what Lydia said about us:

How to Differentiate Your Brand from Competitors

It's been a month since we've been working with our first 5 customers at The experience has been a blast! So what's next for Anders? While our current goal is to gain traction, I have been looking for ways to position the brand such that the world can...

Who the Heck is “Anders the Graphic Designer”?

There are too many graphic designers out there, and not enough really good ones. That's why we are here. When I mentioned “really good ones”, I don't mean talented ones like Stefan Sagmeister (whom I've admired for at least a decade). He is simply one of a kind. So...